Leica 9cm f/4 Elmar LTM + Monochrom 246 = 🖤

Panos Voudouris
6 min readJun 25, 2023

If you have been using Leica lenses, you are probably aware of the two mounts that are available for the rangefinder cameras. There’s the current M system and there is the older, LTM (aka L39 aka screw-mount) system.

The screw-mount lenses are generally much older (they were for the first rangefinders Leica ever made) but they can also be used in the current M cameras via a simple metal adapter. With the adapter you still get full rangefinder coupling and the lenses work just like any native M ones.

One of those older LTM lenses is the Leica 9cm f/4 Elmar. Leica has made many versions of 9cm/90mm f/4 lenses over the years and they have generally all been very good. It is, after all, fairly simple to make a short and slow telephoto.

I do not generally shoot longer than 50mm but still wanted something for that odd occassion. I have played with 75mm in the past (the Voigtlander f/2.5 LTM, the 75/1.5 VM and the Leica Summarit) but still wanted something just a tad longer. If you spend a bit of time trawling the internet you’ll find that the LTM 9cm lens is very cheap, around £100. I found one in good condition (they are generally quite hazy given their age and many have cleaning marks) and went for it.

The lens