How to load film on a Leica M

Loading film on a Leica M. Have you tried it? Was it frustrating? Missed a whole roll when you finally noticed that you’ve been taking photos for a two weeks and still it advances? You are not alone! I have had my Leica M4 for more than two years now. And I have always found the loading process a pain.

You remove the base plate, open the back flap, put the film in, pull the leader over to the prongs and then you spend 5 minutes trying to advance the film while it slips and the prongs don’t catch it and you close the back and you advance and it then slips and why did I ever buy that piece of utter f&$*ing $h!t….

You know what I mean. Well, you are an idiot. And so am I. Because we didn’t read the manual. But why would I read the manual? For starters, mine came in a mouldy box with a water damaged manual which I promptly put in the bin. Yours most likely never came with a manual (unless you bought it new, if you did just…just…just leave). Besides, I have been loading film on cameras for twenty years now, I don’t need anyone to tell me how to do it, right?

Ok, let’s get to it. Here’s how you really do it.

  1. Open the bottom and back.

You don’t believe me do you? Try it. Or, go and watch this guy, fast forward to 2.34, watch and cry.

That’s it. Finished. Goodbye.

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