Have you ever wondered what goes into a Webpack bundle? Why is it as big as it is? We were doing a bit of analysis lately on how to reduce the bundle size and there is a very handy little tool you can use to peek into the bundle: webpack-bundle-analyzer.

What it does is it gives you a very nice graphical representation of the items in the bundle. It is interactive as well so you can zoom in/out and see what gets what.


Setting it up in your repo is very simple. …

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Loading film on a Leica M. Have you tried it? Was it frustrating? Missed a whole roll when you finally noticed that you’ve been taking photos for a two weeks and still it advances? You are not alone! I have had my Leica M4 for more than two years now. And I have always found the loading process a pain.

You remove the base plate, open the back flap, put the film in, pull the leader over to the prongs and then you spend 5 minutes trying to advance the film while it slips and the prongs don’t catch it…

2020 was the year of no travel. In the grand scheme of things this is probably the smallest of our worries. Yet, as the months went by, lockdown followed lockdown, summer arrived and went and we just couldn’t stop thinking about 2019, when we embarked from London on a fantastic trip across 12 countries. So here’s a little recount of that journey and all the amazing places we visited!

The plan

In 2019 we were lucky that we could take 5 weeks away from work over summer for our holidays. We never did something like that before so when the opportunity arose…

I’ve had my Intrepid 4x5 for a while now and so far have shot about 30 sheets of film, 10 each of Portra 160, E100 and Ilford Ortho 80. I have to say…I am not exactly thrilled. I just never got that initial wow moment from the sheets and to be honest half of them were ruined because I just didn’t know how to work the camera (a few light leaks, misaligned film, bad focus, etc).

Until this week. Not exactly a wow one but I finally got some results that are pointing in the right direction. …

As a new large format film user I spent a fair bit of time watching videos and reading how to load film. Coming from smaller formats the concept of having to load film is quite alien at first, simple when you are ready to try it and actually quite frustrating as you actually get to do it!

So far I have loaded 25 or so sheets and have picked up a few tricks that I didn’t find in the videos and articles I read. …

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M4, Zeiss 21/4.5 ZM, Contax 21mm finder. That little square Ci sticker under the frameline preview lever was there when I bought the camera, apparently the logo of the importer in Italy that first sold the camera.

A year and a half ago I got my hands on a Leica M4. This was my first foray into that world, the world of collectors, expensive lenses, mythical performance and all the other stuff that comes with it. Silly, I know. But in any case, I finally got one! It was a 1968 model (if the serial number calculations are correct), 10 whole years older than me! And it worked.

It did. It worked perfectly for approximately 3 frames. And then the rangefinder was out of alignment. Or maybe it was out when I bought it and didn’t notice…

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My R8 with the 35/2. Some say it is ugly, I think it is gorgeous. Kate on the left agrees.

Meet the Leica R8. A blast from the past, the 90s to be specific, a rather over looked and over priced bit of kit that Leica brought out at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. So, now that we got the bad bits out of the way, let’s see what it is!

I came upon the R8 in 2014 in a round about way. I actually started with the lens, a 50mm Summicron-R (which in Leica-speak is an f/2 lens and I’ll abbreviate to 50R from now on). At the time I had a Canon EOS 3 and was…

I’ve been using film cameras for a while now after going from film to digital and then back fully to film sometime in 2009. One of the great things of film cameras in the last 10 years has been the abundance and low cost, allowing anyone to buy the top professional systems for a fraction of price, think of anything between 1% to 30% of new prices.

As such I bought and sold countless cameras in 135 and 120 formats but that is all the easy stuff. The one that always eluded was sheet film. 4x5, 5x7, 8x10 and all…

Continuing on from the post about versioned Storybook releases, I hit upon a simple problem: how do I fix a bug in previously released style guides? What do I mean by that? Well:

  1. Let’s say we have 10 versions of our style guide released as static Storybook builds.
  2. These builds all use an addon (the versions one in our case).
  3. That the addon has a bug, which we have now fixed.
  4. That’s all very nice and we can now release a new version of our style guide with includes the addon with the fix.
  5. But what about the rest of…

A while ago I wrote about how we are using Storybook to generate a living style guide, for use within a design system. While continuing work on a living style guide, we encountered the need to be able to see the various versions of each component in the UI library we were creating. As such, we created a new add-on for just that: versions.


Obviously, we are using React Storybook for our living style guide. I won’t bore you with what it can or cannot do yet again, however one of the important things it does is that we can…

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